A Motion Picture Creative Firm


Theatrical Print

Key Art, Teasers, Film Identity & Branding

As Ad space is shifting towards smaller screens and limited placement, we engineer our artwork for premium visibility in the marketplace and crystal clear representation of genre and story.


Audio / Visual

Trailers, Teasers

Multiple script options, edit revisions and strategic consistency will give you confidence that you are presenting the best possible first impression of your picture.


Audience Engagement


In order to target and engage audiences, I&Co positions strategic marketing objectives, high-impact messages and unique Call-to-Action campaigns throughout your release.


Digital Footprint

Dedicated websites, reactive media and social analytics fully optimized across all devices for functionality, design and tracking purposes. release.



Distribution and Marketing Advisory

In addition to our marketing services, I&Co maintains deep ties within the film industry and has over 15 years of direct film distribution experience. We travel to all the major film festivals and are available to assist you with expert film advice and worldwide distribution strategy.


  • Festival Strategy and Domestic Positioning
  • Distribution and Release Advisory
  • Audience Discovery and Engagement
  • Marketing Preparation During Production
  • Casting and Talent Value Realization
  • Development Preparation
  • Financing & Investment Planning

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